Dear participants of the foreign economic activity!

We inform you that “ЕАТ” LLP became a winner of the tend for choosing the Service Company, according to Regulation on procedure for provision of service support of active business by attracting service companies, which was developed in accordance with the Program “Business Road Map 2020” (hereinafter – the Program) approved by regulation of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.30 dated 13 April 2010.

Service support is provided for small and medium-scale business entities of Almaty City Services will be provided for small and medium-scale business entities free of charge.

The tasks of the Service Company include Customs Procedure Services:

Provision of qualified consultations and services for small and medium-scale business entities from all regions of Almaty City as for customs procedures, including the following:

  • Consultations in the area of customs legislation and customs procedures;
  • Consultations on the rules and procedure for declaration of the goods, determination and adjustment of customs value, filling of customs declaration;
  • Consultations on tariff and non-tariff regulation for specific goods;
  • Documentation of foreign economic activity;
  • Consultations on obtaining licenses, permits to carry out foreign economic activity;
  • Consultations on declaration of cargoes within the Customs Union;
  • Consulting services under the terms and conditions of a foreign trade contract;
  • Information services subject to provision of reference information to businessmen;
  • Organization of Master Classes;
  • Use of up-to-date methods of analysis, consultation, training events.

Services are rendered according to the following order:

  • upon application of a SMB entity, an employee of the Service Company shall provide it with a Questionnaire-application to be obligatorily filled out (Questionnaire-application form is enclosed);
  • an employee of the Service Company shall conclude a contract with a SMB entity for rendering services;
  • after services of proper quality is rendered in full, the Service Company and a SMB entity shall sign a Report of works performed (Report form is enclosed);
  • In order to evaluate quality of rendered services a SMB entity shall be provided a Questionnaire for evaluation of quality of rendered services to be obligatorily filled out (Questionnaire form is enclosed).

A SMB entity is entitled to permanently obtain comprehensive service support within the framework of approved services elated with carrying out of active business;

At option of a SMB entity, it may obtain information both orally and in writing;

At option of a SMB entity, the Service Company shall be obliged to present a book of complaints and suggestions.

In order to obtain consulting services regarding customs procedures you may apply at:

Алматы - Главный офис
Бизнес-центр "отель Rixos Almaty"
8-й этаж, Сейфуллина. 506/99
050012, Алматы
Республика Казахстан
Тел: +7 727 267 58 25
Тел: +7 727 272 87 60
Тел: +7 727 326 99 99 (вн. 144)
Электронная почта:
Контактное лицо: Тушин Евгений Викторович
Контактное лицо: Ксанова Перизат

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