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  • December 2018 EurAsiaTransit successfully completed the delivery of 15 Vestas wind turbines from the ports of Ferrol, Spain and Taranto, Italy to the Kostomar village, Akmola region. Multimodal transportation included the chartering of ships, land transportation by special vehicles, as well as full customs escort.
  • April 2018 EurAsiaTransit has entered in agent agrrement with the airline AirBaltic which give the right to our company to represent the airline on the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as execute international freight transportation from the airports of Republic of Kazakhstan
  • October 2017 In Almaty city, EurAsiaTransit the first to perform customs clearance of the electronic transit declaration to the Republic of Tajikistan (Carnet TIR) at the Zhetysu customs post in Almaty with the use of the new Automated System of Customs and Tax Administration (IS ASTANA-1) regarding customs transit
  • June 2016 EurAsiaTransit confirmed the compliance of the company's Quality Management System with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008
  • April 2016 The company passed a legal audit in “PricewaterhouseCoopers Tax and Advisory” LLP and brought the documents in compliance with international standards
  • February 2016 EurAsiaTransit once again became a certificates holder of Lufthansa Cargo for “Best Agent of 2015” and “Best eBooker in 2015”
  • February 2016 On February 11, EurAsiaTransit entered into the Cargo Agency Agreement with Public Joint Stock Company Aeroflot-Russian Airlines / PJSC Aeroflot. This agreement gives our company the right to represent AEROFLOT on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to carry out international cargo transportation on passenger and cargo flights of AEROFLOT from the airports of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • January 2016 From 2016 our company began to work in the provision of engineering works and services, lifting and transporting heavy and oversized cargo using crane equipment with carrying capacity from 5 to 5000 tons, and when using jacking equipment up to 10,000 tons
  • July 2015 From July 1, it became possible to arrange cargoes on the route Almaty-Grozny on Aviasta KZ flights
  • June 2015 The company organized for its employees the courses “RULES FOR THE TRANSPORT OF DANGEROUS GOODS BY AIR TRANSPORT 1,2,3, AND 6 CATEGORIES IATA)”
    • June 2015 the company received a "Certificate of domestic supplier of works and services"
    • May 2015 the company conducted internal corporate training in Almaty
    • April 2015 the company signed the contract with the Kazakhstan branch of "SINOPEC Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd" for providing the customs services on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    • February 2015 EurAsiaTransit passed the pre-qualification of suppliers KCOI (Kazakhstan Caspian Offshore Industries)
    • February 2015 the company signed the agreement with Almaty branch of "EFES" company for providing the services of freight forwarding
    • January 2015 EurAsiaTransit signed a memorandum of cooperation with the company "Mammoet"
    • January 2015 EurAsiaTransit signed the agreement with the Banknote Factory of Kazakhstan for providing Cargo transportation services
    • 2014 the company received the award of "Enterpreneurship award 2014" by the American Chamber of Commerce
    • 2014 EurAsiaTransit was awarded by the diploma "Agent Flash 2014" by Lufthansa Cargo
    • 2014 EurAsiaTransit was awarded by the certificate "Best Agent 2014" of Lufthansa Cargo
    • December 2014 the company signed the agreement with "Khabar" agency for providing Cargo transportation services
    • November 2014 EurAsiaTransit extended the contract with "Huawei Almaty" for providing customs operations
    • June 2014 the company signed the contract with JSC "KTZ Express" for providing the services of Customs Representative
    • September 2014 Participation in the press conference of the National Chamber of Entrepreneursewfwefwe

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