Completed Projects

Completed projectsEurAsia Transit is recognized as one of the leading logistics and transportation companies in Kazakhstan having successfully executed significant projects, such as:

  • Creation of a Transit-Transfer zone in the Almaty International Airport with optimized technology for clearance of transit cargo;
  • Development and implementation of the “STK” software to track cargoes at temporary storage facilities;
  • Design and construction of the first multimodal freight terminal in Central Asia (Almaty International Airport);
  • Organization of the first multimodal transportation from Southeast Asia to Europe and CIS countries through the territory of Kazakhstan;
  • Logistic support in the construction of the Aktau bitumen plant, one of the largest in Central Asia;
  • Participation in the construction of residential, commercial and hotel facilities such as: Highvill Astana residential complex, Khan Shatyr mall in Astana and Rixos hotel in Almaty;
  • Logistic support in the construction of a gas recovery plant for the Zhanazhol field.

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